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Dear Honorable Mayor Wood and Oceanside City Council:
It is our understanding that there is an organization called "Friends of Oceanside Dog Beach" lobbying for a dog beach to be allowed at the mouth of the San Luis Rey River, close to the south jetty.  We also understand that this group is scheduled to meet at Oceanside Beach on March 29th for an "organized dog walk along the proposed strip of beach" in an attempt to solicit petition signatures in support of their cause.  We beg you to not allow this to happen.
As owners at North Coast Village for the past 11 years, we would like to voice our STRONG opposition to a dog beach being created at Oceanside Beach.
While we are dog owners ourselves (and love our dogs!) Oceanside Beach is just a BAD location for a dog beach.
We arguably have one of the nicest stretches of beach in San Diego North County.  A dog beach creates the following potential problems:
~ Decreased tourism revenue for Oceanside Beach in an already depressed economy.
~ Potential for bacterial contamination from canine urine and fecal matter seeping into the sand and water, leading to increased risk of
   pollution and disease affecting humans and wildlife. 
~ Increased traffic congestion at the beach and Oceanside Harbor.  Parking  and traffic are already a nightmare during peak spring
   and summer seasons at the beach.
~ Increased noise/dogs barking, disrupting the peaceful environment near the south jetty.
~ The new Pacific Street Bridge was supposed to be eco-friendly with regard to different types of birds that nest in the area.  Multiple
   dogs in the area have the potential to scare away or molest protected species.
~ Potential for dogs left unattended scaring or biting a child.  All it takes is one irresponsible pet owner to let this happen.  Does the
   City of Oceanside really want to open itself to the potential for litigation if this were to happen?
We would appreciate any efforts on your part to prevent a dog beach or any type of organized demonstration with dogs from being allowed at Oceanside Beach. 
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
No Dog Beach web site member

A dog beach is a financial disaster

Hugh Foley's letter (March 12) states that if a dog beach is established, the dogs would run the seagulls off the beach. This leader of the Friends of Dog Beach failed to mention that other birds, including the endangered brown pelican, would also be affected.

In the same edition of the North County Times, on the front page, is a picture of Mr. Foley walking his two dogs illegally on the beach in defiance of the law ("Dog beach group sees an opening," March 12). That really doesn't speak too highly of the people who say on their Web site they care about the beaches and environment. Doesn't sound like a law-abiding group that would pick up the poop left by their uncontrolled dogs.

The big money spenders he refers to allegedly are going to help the city's economy by buying coffee and doughnuts and (paying) more parking fees. The item he failed to mention is that the city of Del Mar spends over $100,000 a year maintaining the section of beach where dogs are allowed ("Idea of dog beach surfaces again," May 19, 2008).

That's a lot of coffee and doughnuts.

Mike Cafarchia

Del Mar Dog Beach Del Mar Dog Beach is open from mid-September through mid-June. It is off-limits for three months during the


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